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        ABOUT US

        Protec CNC has a wealth of experience within our sector of the engineering industry. We are a engineering company based in Central Birmingham,With a full CNC setup that can handle any capacity upto 800mm long , from Horizontal twin pallet CNC, Vertical Twin spindle, 800mm on X Axis, Twin pallet CNC, Vertical Twin Pallet CNC Milling Machines, and even CNC Turning with Twin Spindle, Live Tooling on two Splindle with Magezine Barfeed. Now supplying to all customers in the UK.

        We have over 30 years experience ensuring that every job is treated with care. Whatever your Industry, our proven track record, expertise and modern facilities ensure quality components to match both you and your customer requirements. Quality is the keynote which combined with timely delivery makes Protec CNC your obvious first call.

        Get In Touch

        Stanhope Street
        West Midlands
        B12 0UX

        Telephone: 0121 446 5550
        Fax: 0121 446 4500
        Email: info@proteccnc.com

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