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        Protec CNC are committed to staying at the forefront of machining technology.

        Our continuing investment within the company is testimony to this.

        We are specialists in the manufacture of precision components for a diverse range of industries, priding ourselves on the ability to produce to specification no matter how rigorous.

        machinine all type of materials from Stainless steel, Brass Aluminium, Copper,mild steel and even exotic materials, often succeeding where others have failed - no job is too daunting for us.

        If you are looking for conventional or C.N.C. Milling and Turning capacity we can help with:

        Pre-Production Manufacture

        We undertake the manufacture of prototype and pre-production components working to short lead times as required.

        Batch Production

        We only use C.N.C. machinery, giving the best production flexibility, best time and cost savings.

        Protec CNC has a particular speciality in the manufacture of Architectural door handles in Stainless Steel.

        Please call us to discuss your machining requirements, we are confident that we will be able to fulfil all of your supply criteria - no matter how demanding.

        Get In Touch

        Stanhope Street
        West Midlands
        B12 0UX

        Telephone: 0121 446 5550
        Fax: 0121 446 4500
        Email: info@proteccnc.com